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In addition, we are the official distributor of Blum-Novotest products in the greater Northeastern United States.

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Home » News » Caron Engineering Will Feature the Latest Technologies for Automation and Process Control at EASTEC 2023

Caron Engineering Will Feature the Latest Technologies for Automation and Process Control at EASTEC 2023

Feb 9, 2023

Caron Engineering will be featuring their newest monitoring, automation, and process control technologies for manufacturing outfitted on a Tsugami SS327-5AX for a fully automated machining demonstration in booth 5359 at EASTEC 2023.

The product highlight will be their latest software innovation, MiConnect Technology. MiConnect Technology is a flexible and customizable application builder specifically designed for the CNC manufacturing environment. MiConnect makes it possible for their network of integration specialists to efficiently develop unique manufacturing applications for their customers without the need for custom coding.

From a simple operation of parsing a single piece of meaningful data to handling all inter-device communication across a fully automated cell, MiConnect can easily be configured for your desired process and flow. The graphical programming of the software makes it easy to tailor applications and adapt to changing requirements. And, with the continually growing inventory of pre-built drivers (CNC’s, robots, barcode scanners, I/O, Modbus, files, SQL, REST API, etc.) and numerous building blocks of operations, it allows our integration specialists to seamlessly customize any application for the customer.

For their EASTEC automation demo, MiConnect will be controlling the interaction between the Tsugami CNC, a Universal Robot provided by Machine Tending Solutions, a MiJet parts cleaner, and a Fowler Precision portable CMM. An Elatec RFID badge reader will also be integrated using MiConnect Technology, for system access and user verification. Additionally, you can expect to see full demonstrations of their entire product line to include:


  • ToolConnectA customizable tool data management system that reads and processes presetter written RFID tags and 2D printed barcode tags to automatically update tool information directly to the CNC control. ToolConnect automates the process of loading tools into the machine to reduce setup time, eliminate human error, and prevent a wrong tool from being loaded.
  • TMAC 3.0An adaptive tool monitoring system that measures tool wear and detects breakage in real time, with adaptive feed rate control to optimize cutting and reduce cycle time up to 60%. TMAC protects the entire machining process and has multiple integrated sensor options that can be monitored simultaneously.
  • AutoCompAutomated tool wear compensation software that processes almost any electronic gauge data and calculates and compensates tool offsets in the CNC control automatically; providing fast, error-free tool offset control.
  • DTect-ITA CNC sensor analysis system used to detect and correct anomalies occurring in the normal machining process. Prominent applications include vibration analysis, bar feeder vibration detection, bearing analysis, signature analysis, and surface roughness analysis.
  • CEI Smart LightIntuitive status light system with over 1000 available modes and programmable audible alarm; to indicate any machine status or condition.
  • Blum-Novotest Products: In-process laser measurement and machine tool probing solutions.

Caron Engineering has a long history of integrating technology across all CNC machine and control types. Visit them in booth 5359 to see how they can apply their automation and optimization technology to your operations.


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ℹ️ EASTEC 2023 will be held on May 16-18 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA.