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Surface Roughness Detection

Surface roughness monitoring ensures consistent and accurately quality of all your CNC manufactured parts.

This application uses a Blum-Novotest TC64 Digilog probe as the sensor input and Caron Engineering’s roughness analysis software to measure the surface quality. The CNC program scans the surface of a part with the probe stylus and the software collects the scanned data from the probe. Then, using NIST traceable algorithms, calculates the surface roughness. 

For this analysis the probe uses a 10um radius tip to provide high resolution surface scanning.  The software handles all required filtering and allows the user to set scanning parameters based on the type of surface finish being measured. 

Roughness Detection

Key Features

  • Verifies surfaces are free of machining errors
  • Maintains consistent quality of finished parts
  • Allows measuring every part with in-process roughness detection
  • Gives insights into cutter health by measuring after each cut

Using this technology in the machine, the probe can be oriented to any angle and can reach any surface that the machine can locate.  The in-process measurement saves cycle time by reducing the quality steps after the part is removed from the machine.

Surface Roughness screenshot
Results can be metric or imperial and include Ra, Rz, Rsm and Rmax.

Products with Roughness Measurement Capability

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