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Automation Software for CNC Machining Operations

MiConnect Technology automation software for CNC machining operations is a flexible application builder used to create custom automation and process control solutions that are unique to a manufacturer's operations. The graphical programming environment has pre-built drivers and operations to quickly build and execute CNC manufacturing projects.


Looking to fully automate a production cell? 

MiConnect technology can be used to tie all the pieces together.

Need to error-proof an operator interaction? 

MiConnect can prompt the user through the necessary steps and verify successful completion. Plus, it records every step, action, and data exchange for process verification.

Need to retrieve a variety of data items from your machines and controls for data analysis? 

No problem!

See how MiConnect Technology works behind the scenes to streamline automation of all your manufacturing processes!

The MiConnect automation software for CNC machining operations platform is built on a solid foundation of object-oriented design principles, which allows ease of creating unique applications by way of a visual flow chart style design infrastructure.

MiConnect Devices_Caron Engineering

We can use this technology to: 

Connect devices and operations on a shop floor

Automate and simplify manufacturing processes

Guide and verify operator interaction and process flow

Data inter-change

How Can We Apply MiConnect Technology to Your Operations?

Machine Tending

MiConnect Machine Tending

Provides a direct interface for automation systems (robots) to communicate with the CNC control. Learn more!

External Device Input

MiConnect External Device Input

Allows input from RFID badge readers, barcodes, files, network systems, and more. Includes integration for machine and user authentication systems

Data Extraction

MiConnect Extract Data

Extracts any required information from a machine control

Minimize Operator Decision Making

MiConnect Minimize Decision Making 2

Makes programmed decisions based on condition results without operator interaction

Read & Write CNC Control Registers

Read Write CNC Control Registers Image

Reads and writes any system parameters, variables, offsets, and PLC registers

Control Human Process Interaction

MiConnect Control Human Process Interaction

Guides the user through the proper operational steps and verifies success before proceeding

Pre-Built Drivers and Operations

MiConnect Technology automation software for CNC machining operations is equipped with an inventory of drivers and operations to automate processes between devices with different communication protocols.

The pre-built drivers and the flexible design infrastructure make it quick and easy for a systems integrator to create an application. Once integrated, the software allows any MiConnect specialist to make changes and add features at any time.

MiConnect Plugins and Drivers_Caron Engineering
MiConnect Pre-Built Drivers
MiConnect Flow Chart with Progress Steps_Caron Engineering

We Work with You to Design Your Unique Application Using a MiConnect Process Flow Chart:

  • Drag and drop infrastructure for ease of design and modification
  • Customized process flow to guide operators through a series of steps
  • Capable of suspending progression until a required step is completed
  • Application and process are based on the user’s specifications
  • Can be fully automated, or require manual data entry

These customized applications allow manufacturers to gain total control of their processes to eliminate error and increase productivity.

MiConnect Technology - Features and Benefits

The flexibility of the MiConnect Technology automation software for CNC machining operations is one of the most unique advantages to our customers. With ease, any MiConnect integration specialist can quickly make modifications to the system as the user's specifications change. Prior to this technology, any special applications required modification by the original developer and were designed specific to the the device and operation, with rigidity that would not easily allow changes. 


  • Eliminates data entry and process errors 
  • Automates communication to the CNC control
  • Reduces setup time and streamlines process execution
  • Controls discrete devices via digital I/O
  • Creates user defined checks and balances
  • Minimizes operator decision making and adds system securities
  • Provides consistent and accurate control of your manufacturing processes
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Video: MiConnect Technology powers all inter-device communication in this fully automated CNC manufacturing production cell.

Contact Us to Design Your Custom MiConnect Solution

Caron Engineering has a long history of integrating technology across all CNC machine and control types. Using advanced interfacing and control, MiConnect Technology provides the flexible infrastructure for our integration specialists to customize solutions for our customers!

MiConnect Process Outline_Caron Engineering

Products Powered by MiConnect Technology

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All Caron Engineering products include the MTConnect protocol communications which allows us to provide meaningful data to any supervisory software, for real-time data sharing.

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