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In addition, we are the official distributor of Blum-Novotest products in the greater Northeastern United States.

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Machine Tool Sensor Technology

The DTect-IT CNC Sensor Analysis System combines high-precision machine tool sensor technology with advanced analysis capability to detect and (depending on the application), correct anomalies occurring in the machining process. Using a multitude of machine tool sensor options, the user can monitor specific parameters to alarm and signal the CNC when irregularities are present. DTect-IT applications can range from monitoring high-resolution power to detect tool wear and breakage, to monitoring spindle bearing health using vibration analysis, and even detecting surface roughness using a Digilog probe sensor input. Plus, with the advanced historical viewer, all machine tool sensor and monitoring data is recorded and accessible to analyze, compare, and trend data over time. 

System Overview

The DTect-IT CNC Sensor Analysis System has an intuitive user interface with a graphical display that allows you to view the real-time sensor and monitoring data, and easily toggle between analyses with the click of a button.

  • Operates on any Windows PC with an available USB Port
  • Runs standalone or easily integrates with the CNC control
  • Multiple analyses can run simultaneously from a single sensor
  • Graphing and monitoring can be initialized from the user interface or the CNC control
  • Ideal for monitoring up to 4 tools
DTect-IT View_Caron Engineering
DTect-IT monitors the high-resolution power of the cutting tools to detect wear and breakage.

Spindle Vibration Monitoring

DTect-IT Sensors collage

The DTect-IT system communicates with machine tool sensor technology, to include:

  • Vibration sensors
  • Strain sensors
  • Power sensors
  • Analog sensors
  • Roughness Gauges
  • Scanning Probes
  • Audio sensors

A single sensor can be set up to run multiple analyses.

Machine Tool Sensor Technology Specifications

Analysis Types

The various analysis types allow the user to analyze their CNC machine and interrogate sensor data on multiple levels.

Analysis types include:

  • Limit Analysis
  • Spindle Bearing Analysis
  • Fault Detection
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Signature Analysis
  • Data Collection Analysis
DTect-IT Monitoring on laptop screen

DTect-IT Applications

TMAC Bearing Analysis screenshot

Bearing Analysis

Using a vibration sensor attached to the spindle, DTect-IT can accurately assess the health of the spindle bearings.

Signature Analysis Viewer screenshot

Signature Analysis

Using the signature analysis mode, DTect-IT learns the entire path (signature) of a cut using any sensor type.

Surface Roughness screenshot

Surface Roughness Detection

Probe Surface Scanning 3

Probe Surface Scanning

Other Prominent Applications

  • Tool Wear And Breakage

    Tool Monitoring

  • DTect-IT displacement detection

    Temperature and Displacement

  • DTect-IT Collet Camp Force Detection

    Collet Clamp Force Detection

  • DTect-IT Tool Health Check

    Tool Health Check

Bar Feeder Vibration Detection

Eliminate scrap and reduce spindle damage due to excessive vibration!

  • When excessive bar feeder vibration levels are detected, DTect-IT will automatically signal the CNC to reduce spindle RPM until the vibration levels are acceptable to make good parts
  • If RPM has to be reduced too much and parts cannot be cut, an alarm can be generated to inform the operator to stop the machine and remove the bar

Data Viewer

All monitored data is stored and can be accessed via the DTect-IT Viewer for inspection, review, and analysis.

  • View chart files
  • Trend sensor data over time for predictive maintenance
  • Export data for advanced analysis
DTect IT Viewer screenshot

Technical Specifications

MTConnect Logo

All Caron Engineering products include the MTConnect protocol communications which allows us to provide meaningful data to any supervisory software, for real-time data sharing.

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