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In addition, we are the official distributor of Blum-Novotest products in the greater Northeastern United States.

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In-Process Measuring Technology

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In-Process Measuring and Testing Technology

Caron Engineering is an authorized integrator of Blum-Novotest metrology solutions in the greater New England region of the United States.

Laser Measuring Systems

A non-contact based tool setting solution inside the machine. These systems provide data which can be used to analyze tools of various shapes and sizes. As a tool enters the laser beam, these systems continuously measure the shading of the beam to gather data. Laser Measuring Systems provide:

  • Tool identification
  • Tool wear
  • Tool length and radius measurement
  • Single cutting-edge monitoring
  • Thermal compensation
  • Preventative maintenance information (spindle health, tool life, etc.

Tool Setters

Blum Tool Setter

A contact based tool setting solution inside the machine. Tool Setters, also referred to as Setting Probes, provide simple tool geometry by measuring the tool’s length and/or radius offset, wear and/or breakage. Tool Setters provide:

  • Tool wear
  • Tool length and radius measurement
  • Tool breakage detection
  • Thermal compensation

Visit the Blum website to learn more

Touch Probes

Workpiece Touch Probes set workpiece origin and measure features on the machined part to verify if component dimensions are within tolerance. Touch Probes inspect the workpiece by touching the part in various predetermined locations based on the CNC program cycle. Also called Part Probes, they provide:

  • Part and fixture set-up
  • Workpiece measurement
  • Thermal compensation
  • Tool wear compensation

DIGILOG Scanning Probes

Blum Scanning Probe

Instead of recording values based on various touches to the part, DIGILOG Scanning Probes actually scan the part, recording a constant stream of data to create a comparative measurement between a master part and the workpiece.  DIGILOG Scanning Probes provide:

  • Contour scan
  • Shape profile
  • Detection of part discontinuity

Visit the Blum website to learn more

Bore Gauges

Bore Gauges are used to measure bore dimensions during mass production of serial workpieces. The device generates measurement data independent of the machine tool’s positioning, therefore it can also be mounted outside of the machine tool, on a robot arm (for example). Bore Gauges are most commonly used in the automotive industry, providing:

  • Diameter measurement
  • Position measurement
  • Roundness measurement
  • Cylindricity measurement
  • Concentricity measurement

Surface Roughness Gauges

Similar to DIGILOG Scanning Probes, Surface Roughness Gauges inspect the surface finish of a workpiece using a pulling movement. This type of movement is used to measure the amount of deflection as it relates to the distance traveled to evaluate the surface finish of the part. Roughness Gauges provide:

  • Roughness and/or surface texture measurement

Visit the Blum website to learn more

Blum Roughness Gauge with report

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