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In addition, we are the official distributor of Blum-Novotest products in the greater Northeastern United States.

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Production Monitoring Integration

Production monitoring technology for manufacturing has become increasingly important to get a consolidated view of what's happening on your shop floor. The software can show you the status of the machines, but also the status of the integrated technology that is connected to the machines. This capability can help you make better decisions about your processes and also let you see the status of all shop floor assets at a glance, to ultimately, reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Caron Engineering's products create a lot of data for analytics and process improvements. This data can be effectively integrated and monitored using both the Datanomix platform and Wolfram Manufacturing's Ontakt production monitoring software. 


Datanomix, automated production intelligence platform, and Caron Engineering have partnered to jointly develop data-driven solutions that leverage the companies’ manufacturing domain expertise in real-time production monitoring and machine tool optimization. This integration adds a new dashboard in the Datanomix platform that aggregates and displays the metrics for all Caron Engineering devices deployed in a factory. 

Based in New Hampshire, Datanomix provides real-time production monitoring and performance analytics for CNC machines, without the need for operator inputs or links to ERP systems. Datanomix has created the next generation of production monitoring, called Automated Production Intelligence.

By integrating and analyzing Caron Engineering tool performance and optimization data, Datanomix delivers deeper insights, giving you visibility from the tool to the machine to the overall factory.

Learn more about the integration of our solutions!

Datanomix Dash screenshot

The Datanomix TMAC dashboard represents the first offering from the integration between Caron Engineering and Datanomix. The Datanomix data science team is currently analyzing Caron performance data to create new machine learning algorithms that will deliver deeper insights, from the tool to the machine all the way to overall factory production.


Wolfram Manufacturing's, OnTakt Software, enables machine shops of all sizes to easily connect machines in a single dashboard to capture data, visualize operations, and react on the shop floor to manage production in real time. Every shop should be able to implement new technologies that facilitate simple and intuitive management of shop floor activities. OnTakt enables any shop to make decisions as issues arise, not after the fact.

OnTakt and TMAC from Caron Engineering are designed to be tightly integrated. Leveraging data from both systems simultaneously leads to significant savings on tooling. By pairing TMAC with tool life data tracked and recorded in OnTakt, we can easily identify trends to decide when to look into poorly performing tools or identify process changes that need attention. This type of data is often lost on a shop floor. But presenting it clearly, to all levels of an organization, can lead to significant cost savings with rapid ROIs. OnTakt and TMAC will quickly pay for themselves after finding even one tool that could benefit from more aggressive tool life

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