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ToolConnect RFID Tag Data

ToolConnect: RFID Tool Management Solution for Manufacturing

Tool identification systems are becoming a highly requested option from manufacturers, especially when purchasing a new CNC machine tool.  Many machine tool OEMs offer their own […]

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TMAC Tapping Monitoring screenshot

Tool Monitoring: Drilling and Tapping Operations

Caron Engineering has been in the tool monitoring business for over 30 years.  Their TMAC (Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control) system is being used worldwide due […]

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Man using iPad

Smart Manufacturing Systems: The Covid-19 Comeback

The impact of Covid-19 has changed the way we conduct business, and now, more than ever, illuminates the need for manufacturers to assess their processes […]

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TMAC screenshot on laptop and monitor

The New TMAC Version 3.0: Machine Tool monitoring, Optimization and Control

Adaptive Tool Monitoring System with Real-Time Machine Control Caron Engineering has announced a major update release of their Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control system, TMAC version […]

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Array of components with ruler

A Productivity Boost for Micro Sized Components

Thomas W. Springer, a second-generation CNC job shop founded in 1976, manufactures complex close tolerance components made from Kovar, SST, aluminum, beryllium, copper, brass, and […]

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Smart Technology Stopped Before Next Insert

Smart Technology Integration Results in Big Profits for Manufacturing

Modern-day machining can no longer rely on the eyes and ears of the CNC operator.  The necessity for employing smart manufacturing technology systems is essential […]

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DTect-IT Frequency Analysis screenshot

DTect-IT Sensor and Software Suite Capable of Various Machine Monitoring Applications

Caron Engineering’s DTect-IT was first introduced in 2016 as a product primarily used for detecting vibration levels and irregularities anywhere on a CNC machine tool […]

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TMAC 3.0 Multiple Channel Display

Caron Engineering Joins OMIC R&D as 26th Member

The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D) recently welcomed Caron Engineering as its 26th member. From its Wells, Maine (USA) headquarters, Caron […]

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Smart Light System on factory floor

Advanced Solution for Machine Status Reporting with the CEI Smart Light System

Caron Engineering offers an intuitive status light system designed to increase shop productivity. “A typical status light essentially has three color indicators that tell you […]

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