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In addition, we are the official distributor of Blum-Novotest products in the greater Northeastern United States.

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Home » Uncategorized » New Technology for Automation, Tool Monitoring and Process Control at IMTS 2024     

New Technology for Automation, Tool Monitoring and Process Control at IMTS 2024     

Jun 7, 2024

Caron Engineering is excited to showcase their latest technology for automation, tool monitoring, and process control at IMTS 2024 in booth 134742. In addition to unveiling some exciting new features of their flagship TMAC – Adaptive Tool Monitoring System, AutoComp – Automated Tool Wear Compensation Software, and ToolConnect – RFID Tool Data Management System, Caron Engineering is thrilled to introduce their latest automation solution, MiConnect Technology.


MiConnect streamlines connectivity and control across the devices in your machining cell, for total control of your processes from a single interface. From a simple operation of parsing a few pieces of meaningful data to handling all inter-device communication across a fully automated cell, MiConnect can easily be configured for your desired process and flow. The MiConnect platform contains an inventory of pre-built manufacturing devices (CNC’s, robots, gauging devices, barcode scanners, I/O, Modbus, files, SQL, REST API, etc.) and numerous building blocks of operations that can be designed to control any manufacturing process. MiConnect combats the challenges of connecting devices with different communication protocols, and the inherent flexibility of the software allows for adding new devices and making changes to a process at any time.

WEB 3_IMTS 2024 Machining Cell Booth 134742_Caron Engineering


In booth 134742, Caron Engineering will be highlighting a fully automated production cell featuring a Fanuc Robodrill equipped with 2 Fanuc cobots, a MiJet air-actuated parts cleaner, a Fowler CMM, and automated ID thread gauge. The Caron Engineering integrated technology you can expect to see automating and controlling the lights-out machining cell include:



  • ToolConnect RFID Tool Data Management System will be automating the process of loading tools into the machine by automatically transferring preset tool data directly to the CNC control; to reduce setup time and eliminate error.
  • During cutting, they will feature their adaptive tool monitoring system, TMAC, optimizing cutting by measuring tool wear and detecting breakage in real-time, while simultaneously monitoring tool and spindle vibration. Using adaptive control TMAC will adjust feed rates in real-time to reduce cycle time up to 60% on some cuts.
  • MiConnect Technology will be controlling the entire post-process automation cell to handle communication between the Fanuc Robodrill, Cobots, MiJet, Fowler CMM, and automated ID thread gauge.
  • AutoComp Software will read both the CMM and ID thread gauge measurement data, and automatically calculate and compensate offsets in the control, eliminating error and closing the loop on the automation cell.
  • Their customizable Smart Light system will be used as a visual indicator on the machine to display the current progress of production.
  • Other exciting technology will include their new RFID User Authentication System (powered by MiConnect Technology) for customized user access to both the physical and software systems on the machine.


Caron Engineering’s smart manufacturing solutions are renowned for their versatility and seamless integration with almost any CNC machine tool. With customizable features tailored for diverse applications and precision sensors that can scale to meet any cutting requirement, their solutions are ideal for optimizing individual processes or achieving fully automated operations. Visit them at IMTS 2024 in booth 134742 to see all this technology in action.


For more information, contact:

Caron Engineering, Inc.

116 Willie Hill Rd.

Wells, ME  04090