Oil & Gas

Machine: Vertical Machining Center
Tooling: CAT50 Tooling with Shell Mill

The Situation

A customer who prioritizes implementing the latest automation and optimization technology in their manufacturing facility has completely automated production cells, so they can run unattended.

Unbeknownst to the customer, a robot loaded a part incorrectly into the workholding.

The Solution

This customer avoided a devastating crash since the machine was equipped with Caron Engineering’s TMAC system monitoring the real-time power load on the tool.

TMAC immediately registered the power spike as the power load deviated from the norm, triggering an extreme alarm. With TMAC’s direct interface to the CNC control, TMAC instantly stopped the machine before the next insert even came in contact with the material.

Without any human intervention, Caron Engineering’s TMAC system shut the spindle off in time to save all the inserts and prevent the customer from destroying the workholding.  TMAC helped this customer avoid a costly crash by stopping this extreme condition in its tracks!

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