Machine: 5 Axis Machining Center
Material: Titanium

The Situation

The customer was milling components of a split case jet engine and the tool holder hit a part clamp during cutting. An operator had secured the part to the fixture with the wrong size bolt.

The Solution

Fortunately, the customer had Caron Engineering’s Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control System (TMAC) installed and optimizing cutting on the machine. TMAC interfaces directly with any CNC control and measures tool wear by monitoring the power load on the tool. TMAC’s real-time monitoring and high-speed processing capability immediately registered the power spike when the tool holder contacted the clamp bolt and instantly alarmed the machine and retracted the tool from the material before any damage could occur.

Without TMAC monitoring the cut, the customer could have crashed the machine and had to scrap the part. As is typical of aerospace components, the material cost for this part alone is approximately $60,000. That does not include machine repair and downtime costs. Both tool and tool holder remained intact.

This customer was also utilizing TMAC adaptive control with approach feedrate to reduce cycle. By allowing TMAC to make automatic feedrate adjustments through variations in materials, the customer has also saved 20% cycle time.

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