Contract Manufacturing

Machine: Mori Seiki NH4000
Material: Stainless Steel

The Situation

Customer was drilling gun barrels. The drill had ‘through the tool coolant’, and was programmed to run the first three quarters of the hole at 11 IPM, then finish with 3 pecks that each required a different feedrate. Monitoring a drill with through spindle high pressure coolant of this size was imperative to keep the quality of parts and cost of tooling and manufacturing in check.

The Solution

Using Caron Engineering’s TMAC – advanced adaptive control option – the feedrate was able to be controlled to maintain a constant power, without any oscillation from the varying feedrates. A feedrate of 11 IPM was maintained throughout the entire cycle, with TMAC only slowing down when needed. Customer saved an average of 1.5 seconds per hole, and they drill approximately 5000 holes per week.

In addition, the customer realized their pump was outputting 4-5 gallons per minute less than desired. They found a chip buildup inline that was reducing this coolant flow rate and causing premature tool failure. This is no longer a concern going forward, since TMAC will alarm the machine if the coolant flow rate drops.

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