Machine: Okuma Millac 561V/Millac 571V/MA-500HB

The Situation

The customer needed a solution for getting the tool data from their tool presetter into the machines, without having the operators type it in manually.

The Solution

As a solution, they implemented Caron Engineering’s Tool Connect system. The tool data is programmed on the tool’s RFID tag and Tool Connect reads the tag to automatically index the tool carousel to the proper tool pot. Once the operator has loaded the tool and confirmed the load, all of the tool’s data from the RFID tag is automatically loaded into the machine.

The customer also integrated Caron Engineering’s Smart Light System, (mounted above each machine), to display how many tools are expired on each machine. With this visual indicator, the person responsible can tell from anywhere on the shop floor which machine requires the most attention, to keep all machines running without interruption.

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