Machine: Okuma Lathe

The Situation

A customer manufacturing camshafts for the automotive industry needed a solution for a very costly problem. Operators were loading tools incorrectly and failing to replace broken tools. Consequently, a necessary oil drain hole was not getting machined through the camshaft, leading to engine failures. Due to the repeated failure, this company was mandated to have all camshafts inspected by a 3rd party. This was costing them an additional $300,000 per month.

The Solution

The customer implemented Caron Engineering’s TMAC system. By setting an undercut limit with TMAC, they were able to detect if the hole was actually being machined. If the hole was not machined completely, an alarm would alert the operator. In addition, a TMAC extreme alarm was set to alert the operator if a tool was broken.

TMAC removed the need for the additional 3rd party inspection, resulting in substantial monthly cost savings.

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