Machine: Mill-Turn
Material: Cast Aluminum
Tooling: 2.7mm drill/3.05mm reamer

The Situation

This automotive manufacturer was using a competitor’s product to try and monitor a very small drill and reamer cutting cast aluminum. They noticed the monitoring system was slowing the process and adding several seconds to the cycle time for every part.

The Solution

The customer needed a better solution, so they implemented Caron Engineering’s versatile sensor monitoring suite, DTect-IT. Using DTect-IT the customer is now successfully monitoring breakage and wear on the drill and reamer that create this hole (pictured right).

For this application, DTect-IT uses a high precision power sensor to measure the cutting loads of the 2.7mm drill and 3.05mm precision reamer, (with the reamer enlarging the hole by .08mm).

DTect-IT is efficiently identifying broken, missing, and worn tools with no negative impact on the part cycle time.

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