Production Machining

Machine: Horizontal Lathe
Material: Hardened 4140 (Steel)
Tooling: 1/2" 5 Flute End Mill

The Situation

This customer was experiencing costly collet replacement and downtime due to operators running tools to their breaking point. They were making decisions based on tool life ‘guestimates’ and time in cut.

The Solution

The customer implemented Caron Engineering’s adaptive tool monitoring system, TMAC 3.0.

TMAC calculates the power consumed over the duration of the cut to calculate wear. As tools wear, TMAC is calculating this in real-time, and the measured wear is easily viewed by the shading of the monitored cut. If a tool reaches the wear percentage, TMAC finishes the cut and expires the tool. If a tool breaks, TMAC stops the machine and retracts the tooling before damage can occur.

By assessing tool wear prior to a tool breaking, this customer has dialed in their wear limit parameters so well that the tool is safely pushed to a point of real tool wear without going over the edge and breaking. This allows the customer to detect premature tool wear and get maximum life out of the tool. The wear limit using work is set at 95% to retire the tool, and beyond that the likelihood of breaking is extremely high.

TMAC Data Viewer – cuts are overlaid to show the new tool in cut requiring less cutting power (gray line) compared to the (yellow shaded) worn tool previously expired by TMAC.

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