Contract Manufacturing

Machine: Swiss-type Tsugami CNC machines, with two FANUC LR Mate 200iD

The Situation

Customer wanted a fully automated work cell, with a goal of increasing productivity by 50%.

The Solution

The company implemented multiple systems to increase productivity by 200%. One of these systems being Caron Engineering’s AutoComp software.

“The automated cell uses in-process inspection, which saves the company both time and labor costs. The robot performs a thorough inspection process for quality-control purposes, taking the last part to be placed in a tray through an ultrasonic wash station, then to a CMM for inner-diameter measurement and a laser-profile inspection machine for outer-diameter measurement. The data is processed by Caron Engineering’s AutoComp software and fed back to the producing machine to enable tool-wear compensation that maintains part accuracy. Software-driven inspection data for automatic tool offsets eliminates human error, thus improving product quality and reducing scrap.” (Case Study, Modern Machine Shop, 3/1/2016)

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