Machine: Mill Turn
Tooling: Drilling/Reaming

The Situation

The customer was having difficulty holding true position on several hole locations on their parts. As the machine temperature changed, with time, the holes would “move” to the point where they would be outside of tolerance. Calculating and accurately entering the corrections by hand was challenging for the operators and increased the margin for error.

The Solution

The customer was already using Caron Engineering’s AutoComp software (installed on the CNC control) with an automatic multi-sensor gauge to control part size. To address this new issue, they added additional inspection to the part to measure the mis-location of the features in the X and Y axis, and also sent this information to AutoComp. AutoComp used this information to automatically adjust the work offsets of the machine which were related to each of the holes.

The result was the elimination of scrapped parts. With AutoComp automatically adjusting the work offsets, they eliminated data entry errors from operators either adjusting the incorrect work offset or moving the correct offset in the wrong direction.

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