Caron Engineering’s New ToolConnect (RFID Tool Identification) System Hits the Market

Caron Engineering’s latest version of ToolConnect is a more robust version of their tool identification and data transfer system. ToolConnect is a retrofit hardware and software package for machine tools that eliminates human error and reduces setup time by automating the transfer of CNC tool data to and from the control.

ToolConnect uses RFID tags, embedded in tool holders.  Utilizing a tool presetter, the measurement data is written to the RFID tag.  The tool is then placed in a custom RFID read station at the machine, and the data is read by ToolConnect. ToolConnect automatically updates tool offsets to the control.  When machining is complete all tool life information is updated back to the RFID tag, which can be read anywhere.

This latest version of ToolConnect has a new flexible design which is completely customizable. The system is built specifically to the customers’ requirements, from the (drag and drop) design of the UI to the overall process and functionality of the system. And with the new web-based interface, the UI can be displayed on any connected PC.

As an added benefit to the user, ToolConnect can now be programmed remotely.  As the user requires more functionality from the system, new features can be added without waiting for an on-site service call.