Caron Engineering Announces New Integrator Manager

Caron Engineering is pleased to announce that Derek Waterman has been promoted to Integrator Manager.

Caron Engineering’s integrator representation in the United States and around the world has been growing considerably over the past few years.  To ensure these integrators receive targeted attention, training, and support, the need for a designated manager was crucial for their continued success.

Derek has been a dedicated employee of Caron Engineering since the year 2000.   He began as a shop technician, building and testing products and prototypes. Shortly into his career, Derek was trained to be a service technician, installing complex machine tool monitoring systems and training customers in the field. Derek has excelled as a service technician over the past 14 years, consistently going above and beyond to deliver the best customer satisfaction.  His advanced product knowledge combined with his vast training and support experience deemed him the ideal candidate for this position.

We, at Caron Engineering, value Derek’s commitment to the company and would like to congratulate him on his well-deserved promotion.  Derek has always represented Caron Engineering with the utmost professionalism, and his drive for continuous improvement over the past 17 years is unsurpassed.  As he takes on his new role as Integrator Manager, we know he will ensure that our company representatives around the world uphold the high standards of quality and support that continue to make Caron Engineering a leader in tool monitoring and machine control.